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English Courses A1-B2

In our General English programs, we work on your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. In addition to that, we learn new vocabulary and practice grammar. All this is done to boost your English and throw it onto a totally new level.

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Schedule of English language courses in Tallinn

English for Life B1.2 Intermediate - intensive

3 90-min classes per week. Intensive speaking, reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary practice.

English for Life B1.1 Pre-Intermediate

1 180-min class per week. For those who can already speak, but needs to raise quality and speed of speech.

Miks Kalita Language Studio?
  1. Suurepärased õpetajad: professionaalsed, sõbralikud, avatud ja abivalmis.

  2. Rahulik ja turvaline õpikeskkond, kõik stuudios on lihtne ja funktsionaalne.

  3. Kaasaegsed õpiprogrammid tööteldud inglismaal: Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press.

Inglise keele kursused - Kuidas?

Me loome rahulikku ja turvalist keskkonda, kus te saate ilma paanikata keelt õppida. Kõik toimub tempos, mis on sobiv konkreetsele rühmale. 

Ülesanded on mitmesugused: loeme ja arutleme paarides, mängime aktiivseid mänge, kirjutame tahvlitel, kuulame ja vastame küsimustele, mängime lauamänge jne.

English Courses at Kalita Language Studio

If you are not sure about your level of English take the test here

Choose an effective and comfortable mode of learning English. Kalita Language Studio offers training in the format: 1. Training is conducted in small groups of up to 6 people. Every student will receive attention. 2. Lessons are held in a studio in the center of Tallinn in offline mode. In agreement with the group, classes can be transferred to an online format. 3. Classes are held once a week 4 academic hours (180 minutes) or 2 times per week 2 academic hours each meeting (90 minutes). 4. The cost of training at any level is ~ 170 euros per month. The cost depends on the number of lessons per month. 5. The training starts in mid-September and will take 25 weeks to study one level of the language. Normally, we do not work on state holidays. 6. If you want to start learning English, but have not found the perfect schedule for you - write us an email and we will try to organize classes for you. 7. Don't know what level of English you need? Take the test and immediately find out what level is recommended to you. 8. The first lesson is a trial, meaning that you make your decision to join or not to join the group after the lesson. After the first lesson, talk to the teacher to make sure this group is the best choice for you. You can always try other levels to compare. If the group is not what you need, the class was free.

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