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English Courses A1-C1

In our General English programs we work on your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. In addition to that, we learn new vocabulary and practice grammar. All this is done to boost your English and throw it onto a totally new level

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Why Kalita Language Studio?
English courses A1-B2 - How?
  1. Excellent teacher: professional, friendly, always ready to help.

  2. Our calm and supportive environment is created especially for language studies.

  3. Contemporary study programs straight from the UK: Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press.

We create a peaceful and safe environment where you can learn the language with no rush. Everything happens at a pace that is appropriate for your group.

We read and discuss in pairs, play an active game, write on whiteboards, listen and answer questions, play a board game, and so on. Time in the studio flies

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