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Keyboard and Mouse


For serious learners of English and Russian


Group English classes in Tallinn

Master the language level by level: speaking, listening, reading and writing in small groups. 

"English Club in Tallinn" gatherings

We regularly meet in a city cafe to have an extended and unlimited English speaking practice.


Topic Seminars

Get new knowledge and systematize what you already have. Meet new friends and get your questions answered.  

How we teach

  • a clear path to your language goals

  • tested and verified teaching methodology

  • a realistic approach to teaching and learning


Who teaches

  • all our teachers LOVE their job

  • all teachers are great personalities immensely interesting to talk to

  • all teachers have relevant degrees and international certificates 


  • we are for transparency and quick solutions

  • we are available 20/6 via email, messengers or phone

  • we are interested in you getting the results and we are ready to be flexible for this

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